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Small Group Training

Small Group Trainings are full body workouts for 2-6 people. Workouts scale to many different fitness levels. Our highly skilled trainers guide and support you throughout the entire session. Count on them to help you tailor the workout to fit your needs.

Appropriate for most ability levels.

Online Training

Currently all of our training is happening online. We have something for every ability level and budget. 

All levels welcome. Join us! 

One-on-One Training

Our personal training sessions are 30 minutes of focused work. We design a custom program to meet your specific health and fitness goals. And we make workouts fun!

All levels welcome.


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To start 1:1 training with us, schedule a new client consultation. We’ll talk about your goals in detail, answer any questions you have, and do a quick movement assessment so we know how to tailor the workouts for you.

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Come experience the Sweet Mo difference! Our online classes require zero equipment and are appropriate for most ability levels and body-types.

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Use your body – Improve your self-esteem

The small group training program opened me up to what I can do and what I want and need to do to have the health I want for the rest of my life. I am impressed with the amount of personal attention each client gets.

Now I sleep better, have no back pain, and feel better and stronger all the time. This has brought balance and focus back to my life. Also, my toes are now easier to reach, and I can do it pain free! Anyone can change their life and how they feel in their body!

– Darci Budlong

Jacqueline – Staying strong and active while aging

As we age, it's more important than ever to maintain strength and balance. Working out at Sweet Mo keeps me in shape for all the activities I love – kayaking, scuba diving, gardening and more!

I feel great after every training session, and the results just build and build! I’ve worked out with Sweet Mo for several years now and have never been bored or disappointed with a workout.

– Jacqueline Sowell

Get help healing from injuries

It’s so nice being with like-minded folks who are all about staying fit—or getting there—in a fun environment. I love being watched for my form, but it’s not overt—and the corrections are gentle and supportive. It’s so nice to work out with a trainer who is so passionate and caring.

When I started training, I was recovering from knee surgery. I received all the attention and care I needed, and always got directed to the right exercise or modification as I got stronger.

My biggest fear was boredom, but the sessions are NEVER boring, and workouts always go so fast! I really appreciate that I can have fun working out and still trust that someone is looking out for me and always being serious about my form, involvement, and outcomes.

– Erin Couch

Enjoy a lifetime of fitness at Sweet Momentum Fitness

I have exercised my whole life, but I have never been fitter or stronger since I started working with Sweet Mo. I love the workouts (even though I do a fair amount of moaning), and I really appreciate all the thought and creativity that goes into the training sessions. There is never a dull or easy moment! It is motivating to know that the trainers want us all to succeed no matter our reasons for being there. It makes getting out of bed for an early workout that much easier.

– Margaret Morton

  • In One-on-One Training we design a program to help you meet your specific health and fitness goals.

  • Our Small Group Training sessions are full-body workouts for 2 - 6 people. Maximize your fitness potential in a supportive environment.

  • Our fitness community is made up of people of all fitness levels, genders, body-types and ability levels! Enjoy comradery at Sweet Mo workouts, workshops and special events.

  • Ready to get started? Take advantage of our new member specials!

Self-myofascial Release for a More Complete Relationship to Your Body

By Beck Beverage I’ve had a consistent self-myofascial release practice for the past year. I’ve amassed a collection of cool tools, techniques, and have designed some excellent sequences for almost every part of the body (let me know if you’d like me to talk more about this). I got interested in self-myofascial release while exploring ways to release chronic shoulder tightness and ease pain. It’s one aspect of my current body/mind/movement care routine. There is a lot of great research…

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