The Ultimate Guide to Creating Motivation and Setting Attainable Goals – Part 1

By Beck Beverage

I was speaking with a client a couple weeks ago who hasn’t been showing up for all of their sessions lately. They said, “I just don’t have the motivation to get up in the morning. I set the alarm at night, and I’m excited to get up, but in the morning, I just can’t get out of bed.” So, what do you do when you don’t have the motivation to work out or eat right?

creating motivation

I think there’s an assumption that motivation is supposed to find you. You’ll stumble upon an urge that will propel you into the person you’ve always wanted to be. This is the classic, “find your passion, follow your bliss,” story. That you’ll find a job, a hobby, a place, a diet, a spouse, or a cause that will light that fire in your belly, and you won’t turn back. Sure, that will happen for a handful of people. Maybe it’s already happened to you around something else in your life. But what about those of us who desire something, but lack the drive to go out and get it?

Here’s the truth: You have to create it for yourself. It’s hard work, no one can do it for you, no amount of money can buy it, and there’s no way around it. How’s that for a reality check?

The good news is, you CAN create it. This month, I’m going to show you how. If you are serious about making a change, open up a blank document and spend some time answering the questions posed in the articles this month as you read them.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Decide what you want. What is the result you want to create? Be specific.
  2. Find your compelling reason. Why are you doing this?
  3. Take responsibility for your results.
  4. Identify what is working and what isn’t.
  5. Stop looking to the past to define who you are now and who you are becoming.
  6. Practice.

Next week, I’ll show you how to create a goal that works and figure out why that goal is important to you. In the meantime, if you want to expedite the process or if you’re ready to get started, I’d love to be the one to support you! Call or email anytime to chat about your goals:  503-232-1353 or

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