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A couple weekends ago, I had a blast at a TRX Functional Movement training in Seattle. Of course I learned a TON of new exercises and techniques to incorporate into my classes, but my biggest take away from the course happened on a more personal level. I am more successful if I allow myself to not know.

Amazing things happen in the unknown—things beyond the scope of what our imaginations will allow. When I walked into the training course on Saturday, I immediately felt awkward and out of place. It was clear that I was the least experienced trainer in the room, and the only one unfamiliar with at least one of the training modalities being taught.

I was immediately overwhelmed by my inexperience. My own not knowing was confounding, and in turn, my confidence was zapped. Rather than focusing on soaking up as much new information as possible, I quickly made the course about proving myself to a group of strangers who weren’t paying attention to me at all.

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That’s when it hit me: Fighting my not knowing was causing my goals to be completely impermeable. Growth was no longer possible with my ego in the driver’s seat.

After having that revelation, something magical happened. This awkward and uncomfortable situation turned into one full of wonder, teeming with opportunity. Soon I found myself volunteering to have my form critiqued in front of the class and asking questions even though a little voice in my head said they were stupid. I even conquered some exercises I’d resigned myself to “not get.”

At the end of the day, I left exhilarated and with a completely renewed approach to training AND to the courage it takes for everyone to step foot in the gym and allow themselves to not know, to be wrong, to ask for help, and to accept feedback.

I’d love to be the one to support YOU with your fitness goals. Contact me today, and we can chat about how to move forward:

By Beck Beverage, Fitness Trainer

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