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Workout to FIX Sitting Soreness

I did more sitting than usual this weekend, which was GREAT for my tired muscles, and for spending some sweet down time with Karen. But after two days, my whole body hurt. I felt like a different person—stiff, slow, and weak.   So to bring myself back to life, I indulged in a juicy workout treat…

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Band Workout Challenge

Here’s a simple (and FUN!) full-body workout that you can do anytime, anywhere. All you need is a single light- or medium-weight resistance band—the loop kind, not the kind with handles. Focus on achieving max muscle contraction with each exercise. In the video, I only perform a few reps of each exercise to give you…

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Avoid The Most Common Ab-building Mistake – Try This Workout!

If you wanna achieve that 6-pack look—or just build up as much core strength as you possibly can—then you gotta check your ego at the door. Smart ab training is not showy. Abandon the mindset that “more” is better. If you focus on piling up reps and sets of traditional ab exercises like crunches, bicycles,…

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