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Ruby Red Roasted Tomatoes

A roasted tomato is a beautiful little thing. It takes the sweet/tangy vibrancy of the tomato and concentrates it into one powerful mouthful of goodness. I’ve had a terrible cold for the last week and eating has been a dismal disappointment because I have not been able to taste a thing. I mean it. Nothing.…

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Falafel and Salsa Wrap-Ups

By: Gail Robinson When I learned about grafted tomato plants this past spring, I got all excited about the possibilities. A grafted tomato plant takes a hearty rootstock that does not produce especially nice tomatoes and grafts it onto a tomato plant that produces beautiful fruit. The hearty rootstock means your vine will be prolific…

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Thick and Chunky Tomato Sauce

By Gail Robinson Oh, August. How we love your long, languid days. How we love concerts in the park and watching the swifts at Chapman School. How we love days at the Sandy River and weekend camping trips. And how we love the sudden deluge of garden-ripe tomatoes. Tomatoes plucked, still warm, from the vine.…

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