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Sweet Potato Crackers

By Gail Robinson I have always loved to bake. Always. Family lore is that I made my own birthday cake at three years old. The black and white photographs documenting the event show a pretty decent-looking, two-layer cake with jelly beans in a swath across the top. With this life-long love of baking, it’s astounding…

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Sweet Delight Sweet Potato Soup

As chillier days find us, I find myself making soup more often than not for dinner. It’s easy; it’s comforting; it’s warming. And the sweet delight of this particular sweet potato soup is that it’s all these things at their best. Do a little chopping, sit and chat while things are simmering, blend the good…

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Roasted Sweet Potato Coins

Sometimes I like to get all fancy in the kitchen, making complicated recipes where I can lose myself in the love and care it takes to make all the components turn out exactly right. And sometimes, I like to keep it as simple as possible, letting the purity of beautiful ingredients shine, and leaving me…

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