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Crush Workout Boredom – Fun New Move!

Workout boredom is the WORST!!! I refuse to let it happen to me, ‘cause if I stop looking forward to my workouts and start dreading them instead, I become, well…rather bitchy (at least that’s what Karen says). So I’m always searching for new knowledge to keep things fresh and interesting. In fact, the whole Sweet…

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“Dear Side Plank, I'm Sorry for All the Bad Things I Said…”

What’s the point of side plank? Why is it so difficult? And—perhaps most importantly—how do you make side plank sexy? If you’re committed to staying injury-free, side plank is a must-have. Why? Well, injuries and overuse problems (e.g. muscular imbalances, limited mobility, unstable joints) can often be linked to weakness in the body’s lateral chain.…

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