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Punch-O’-Garlic Summer Kale Salad

For our last kale salad recipe, let’s keep it simple. Deliciously simple. There are not many ingredients here, but each ingredient adds a blast of flavor. This is no shy wallflower kind of salad. This is big, bold, let’s-eat-well kind of flavor. We had it last night with teriyaki chicken kabobs cooked on the grill…

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Roman Candle’s “Tuscan Cavalry” Kale Salad 

Kale, lemon, olive oil, parmesan cheese, bread crumbs, red pepper flakes, sea salt. It doesn’t get much simpler than this, or much more delicious. If you’ve never eaten at Roman Candle on SE Division and 34th, well, that’s really just a shame. Sure, they have some of the most delicious pizza around, but what really…

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