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Solution for Your Tight Shoulders and Back

Do a quick body check: How’s your posture? Yes, right now. Are your ears stacked over your shoulders, shoulders over hips, chin gently tucked? Or do you look like a shortened version of yourself—shoulders rounded, head bowed forward? With so much of our days spent at computers, phones, tablets, desks, tables, and steering wheels, it’s…

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Avoid The Most Common Ab-building Mistake – Try This Workout!

If you wanna achieve that 6-pack look—or just build up as much core strength as you possibly can—then you gotta check your ego at the door. Smart ab training is not showy. Abandon the mindset that “more” is better. If you focus on piling up reps and sets of traditional ab exercises like crunches, bicycles,…

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Crossing Cone Reach (or Bow Down to the Almighty Cones)

Crossing cone reach – killer balance exercise. Harder than it looks! Place two cones about two feet apart. Begin standing on one leg about 8-10 inches away from the cones. Slowly squat down reaching the left hand to touch the right cone; slowly return to an upright position, and then immediately reach the right hand…

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