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I See You, I Love You, I’m With You – My Election Reflection

As the election dust settles, I am clear that love, compassion, and communication are needed now more than ever. This presidential campaign has brought into stark relief the deep divisions within our population. We can be stunned. We can be saddened. But we cannot doubt the power we all have to shift conversations away from…

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Life-Expanding BBQ – So Much Meat!

Quick question: Who are you? Seriously. What pops into your head when I ask that question? If you’ve got an answer, you’re waaaaaay ahead of me. I’m a bit of a language junkie, as many of you know. Lately I’ve gotten hooked on exploring “identity.” Here’s what my dictionary says: Identity: The quality or condition…

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What Makes the Sweet Mo Fitness Community Special?

Recently someone asked me, “Why create a fitness community?” and it took me a while to generate a thoughtful response. Seems obvious to me. They might as well have asked “Why exercise?” “Why drink water?” or “Is 10 beers a day too many?” Ha! But being prompted to construct a coherent response re-inspired me about…

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