Home Workouts Made Easy!

Are you struggling to figure out how to work out at home effectively?

You know that movement is crucial to your physical, mental, and emotional health. 

You know it makes you happier, healthier, and more productive.

But the traditional gym scene is not for you.

We get that! 

So many fitness programs focus on losing weight, getting ripped, and having the perfect “beach body”. 

You need a program that is easy to follow, effective, and aligns with your values

The Sweet Mo Method is here for you!

What you get:

    • A guided 6 week program designed by professional trainers that will challenge your body and maximize your fitness from the comfort of your home.
    • 3 distinct total-body workouts that use minimal equipment and are easy to do in whatever space you have. 
    • Dedicated warm-up and cool-down videos—including a foam rolling tutorial, so each workout session is the most effective it can be.
    • Movement breakdown videos that show each move in detail. No more guessing if you’re performing a move correctly. Each movement breakdown includes progressions to make moves easier or harder so you can tailor each workout to your specific needs. 
    • A PDF guide to the program 

All Only $34

About Sweet Momentum Fitness

Sweet Mo means doing fitness a little bit differently. Our community believes your workout should build you up, not break you down, and that movement should be accessible for people of all different fitness levels, genders, body-types, and ages. We consider all our offerings to be Personal Training, even our classes. Every time you interact with our community, we honor the whole you, and stick to a structure that allows us to meet you exactly where you’re at on any given day.

Our training style accommodates all fitness levels and body-types. Proper, intentional movement is far more important to us than flashy exercises or heavy weights. We focus on teaching you to connect to how your body feels at every stage of a workout because that’s the key to a smart practice that will follow you into every aspect of your life.

People don’t come to Sweet Mo to get “hotter”; they come to be more effective and more in tune. We are a diet-free and Health at Every Size informed space. We respect everyone's goals, but our training does not focus on aesthetics.

We are proudly a transgender and queer person owned and operated business, and are committed to anti-racism as part of our business model.