Don’t Just Survive Your Workouts – Focus on Quality Movement

I’m on a mission to learn everything there is to know about TRX® training. Why do I love TRX® so much? Because it’s the best. 🙂 You can read my tribute to the TRX here if you wish. I recently completed the TRX® Group Training Course in Seattle to continue expanding my TRX® knowledge base, AND to bring some fresh, hot programming to Sweet Mo. I CAN’T WAIT to put the new nuggets to use!

I learned some cool new moves, for sure. Check out this doozy – the TRX Bodysaw to Push Press to Crunch:


Awesome, right?! And I learned some powerful new coaching cues to trigger proper form—most of which relate to engaging an “active plank” on every exercise. Yes, every single one. In fact, right now YOU can “find your plank” sitting or standing wherever you happen to be. Corkscrew your shoulders back and down, lengthen your spine, knit your ribs together, fire up your glutes… Bam! – just like that, your posture shifted, right? And you got more connected to your body? That’s the magic of proper plank engagement.

My biggest takeaway from the course, hands down, was the emphasis on quality of movement. See, movement is neurological. How your body moves and performs today might be way different from yesterday, or last week. LOTS of shifting variables impact our bodies and our ability to execute proper movement patterns: sleep, nutrition, stress, overuse, underuse, ill-fitting tights… 🙂

This is super important to remember for 2 reasons:

1) To keep yourself in check mentally and emotionally. Maybe last week you effortlessly performed ten perfect pushups, and today your form breaks down at just two. There is no need to panic or beat yourself up or start composing a eulogy for your muscles. Nope. Stay cool, and trust that your body is just adjusting to changed circumstances. You got this! Your pushup power WILL return.

2) To maintain the proper focus on a moment to moment basis during your workouts. Maybe you’re great at squats, and you start a set of weighted squats with halfhearted focus. It probably won’t be long before your chest starts dropping forward, your back starts rounding, and you totally abandon glute activation. No matter how proficient you may be at any given exercise, you will NEVER stay in the sweet spot of picture-perfect quality movement for long. That’s just the plain truth—for ALL of us. Your movement quality will come and go. It takes repeated check-ins to restore the desired standard.

This hit home for me during the course when Elizabeth, our badass TRX® instructor, was putting us through a brutal strength-based TRX® workout—the second killer workout of the day. In the middle of a set of rows, she yelled, “Have I lost you mentally? Are you still focused on the quality of your movement?” And sure enough, my hips were sagging, and my glutes were completely checked out. Her cue prompted me to snap my form back into shape.

More TRX® training opportunities will be coming to Sweet Mo soon. Stay tuned! I’ve already started to train Beck and Paulie in this new layer of education. As you can see, they loved every sweaty second:

So much fun! If you’re ready to kick-start a new fitness plan, or take your performance to a new level, we would LOVE to be the ones to support you. Call or email, and we’ll set up a time to chat: 503-395-4689 or

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