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3 Must-do Back Exercises


A strong back will take you places, and allow you to age with the utmost grace and confidence. Before launching into some legit back-building strength-focused exercises, you gotta make sure that the right muscles are firing. Otherwise, your already strong parts will compensate for weak parts, which will only exacerbate…

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Heeeere’s Sy Filener!! New Sweet Mo Trainer


We are THRILLED to welcome Sy Filener to the Sweet Mo Training Team!! Sy comes to us with a burning passion for helping people reach their health and fitness goals around both exercise and nutrition. When we first met Sy, he said, “I know a lot of folks who opt…

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The Truth About Rest and Recovery


What do YOU do when you get injured or sick? Push through the pain and the sniffles NO MATTER WHAT? Or do you scale back, stay home, and limit your activity to sipping soup and binge watching Netflix? Or maybe you opt for a somewhat schizophrenic blend of those extremes—pounding through a…

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Sweet Community Members – Meet Chris and Sara!


By Gail Robinson You know the old saying, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” Well, Sara and Chris Ray have lived the truth of those words. They are low-key, unassuming, completely humble about their experiences and achievements…and they’re both totally badass. Talking to them revealed in an…

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Sweet Community Member – Meet Ryan!


By Gail Robinson Inviting. Intense. Engaging. Entertaining. These are four words Ryan Montgomery used to capture his Sweet Momentum experience and I have to say, these words also do a wonderful job of describing Ryan himself. Just talk to Ryan for ten minutes and you’ll know what I mean. His…

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Sweet Community Member – Meet Pat!


By Gail Robinson Pat Vedomske and I had a heck of a time meeting up. We played email tag, phone tag, and we both suffer from a failure to turn on the ringers on our phones. But Luke told me, “You need to meet Pat so you get her energy…

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