Benefits of TRX Training

Lots of people have been asking me lately why I’m so crazy about the TRX. So here goes!

Training with my body weight alone has been my preferred way to train for years. Me + a bit of space + the unforgiving force of gravity = workout bliss. I love the creativity body weight training demands, and the feeling of freedom it provides. Ahhhh…

The TRX takes body weight training to a whole new level. Its genius design requires either the hands or feet to be supported by a single anchor point while the opposite end of the body is in contact with the ground. The result: a juicy mix of support and freedom of movement to build strength, endurance, balance, coordination, and power all at once. Bam!

The single anchor point intentionally displaces the body’s center of gravity, which stimulates MASSIVE CORE ENGAGEMENT on every single exercise. Imagine performing a standard squat with just your body weight. Now imagine performing that squat with support—your hands using the TRX to guide your movement. Now, lift one leg so you’re performing a single-leg squat. Now add a jump—still on one leg! Had enough of that? Cool. Turn around and perform a two-legged front squat with your body angled forward 45 degrees. Say whaaaaaat?!?! Or lift both arms straight up and perform an overhead squat to fire up all those sleepy back muscles. YESSSSSS!!!

TRX Burn - Upper Body 2

Yup, hundreds of exercises that can be progressed or regressed for a wide variety of ability levels—ALL firing up the core big-time to stabilize and balance in a truly functional way.

I regularly put myself through some intense training sessions on the TRX, but no matter how hard I push, my joints never hurt afterward. Yup, I’m almost 38, and I’m getting more and more sensitive to external loads being added to my frame. With the TRX, I moonwalk away feeling strong and light and loose.

One of the sweetest benefits of the TRX for me is the ways it can improve flexibility and mobility. I really have to force myself to devote time and energy to stretching. But now I think of the TRX as my personal stretching buddy. I call him Reed. (Get it? Reed Richards, Mr. Fantastic from The Fantastic Four with the stretchy limbs?) 🙂 Anyway, if I neglect to stretch, I feel like I’m letting down my buddy.

mr fantastic

I made a video of some of my favorite TRX exercises to give you a taste of the glorious stretching magic. You might be wondering if we’ll be doing any of these moves in the upcoming TRX TEAM® Training Camp. Abbbbbsolutely!!

There’s still time to claim your spot in TRX TEAM®, but not much! For more info and to reserve your spot, go to TRX Sign-up or call me up at 503-395-4689. Let the core sizzling begin!

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