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At Sweet Mo, we’re on a mission to revolutionize the fitness industry. To make it kinder, more compassionate, and accessible for people of all different fitness levels, genders, body types, and ages. We put the “personal” in Personal Training. We listen, we honor the whole you, and we stick to a structure that allows us to meet you exactly where you’re at on any given day. Our Small Group Training sessions are capped at 6 people each, so we can easily provide you with modifications – either more or less advanced based on what you need on any given day.
Our training style accommodates all fitness levels and body types. Proper, intentional movement is far more important to us than flashy exercises or heavy weights. We focus on having you connected to how your body feels at every stage of a workout because that’s the key to smart, safe, fitness gains that follow you into every aspect of your life. 
People don’t come to Sweet Mo to get “hotter”; they come to be more effective. The people who train with us are bold, powerful leaders. They are already out there changing the world, and they come here to do the self-care work they don’t otherwise get. 
We are proudly a trans- and queer-person owned and operated business.

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Meet Our Trainers Upbeat. Knowledgeable. Caring.

Beck Beverage, owner Credentials and Interests

Beck Beverage is a Corrective Exercise Specialist, Certified Personal Meet Beck Beverage, Sweet Mo owner & trainerTrainer,and the Owner of Sweet Mo.

Beck has expertise training transgender adults and youth, and is particularly interested in supporting folks as they transition. He also loves to work with people who what to use exercise to be more present in their bodies, and people who feel self-conscious about working out or movement in general. He has completed specialty education in the TRX training methodology, Dynamic Variable Resistance Training, Load Integrated Functional Training, and more. He also has a Bachelors of Science from Portland State University.

What environment do you strive to create at Sweet Mo?

I’m passionate about creating a fitness environment where everyone feels empowered, celebrated, supported, and challenged regardless of ability level, fitness background, body-type, or gender. It’s also important to me that people feel free to be themselves. If there is ever anything I can do to facilitate that, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Beck takes on 1-2 new private clients each month. To start working with Beck, schedule a new client consultation.

Sy Filener, trainer Credentials and Interests

Meet master trainer Sy FilenerSy Filener is a Corrective Exercise Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer, and Senior Fitness Specialist who has completed specialty education in TRX training methodology, women’s fitness, and strength and endurance training. Sy has experience working with people of all fitness levels but especially loves working with folks who are coming to fitness for the first time, and people who are interested in learning how to lift weights.

What is your training style?

I strive to create a safe and inviting space where everyone feels comfortable and empowered, no matter their fitness ability. I like to have fun. In fact, I love making people laugh as much as they sweat!

When I teach Small Group classes, I'm always looking for opportunities to modify or progress exercises to suit every client’s ability level. I like to push people to do their best.It's breakthrough when people realize they can do more than they ever thought they could!

Sy is currently taking on new private clients! To start working with Sy, schedule a new client consultation.

Danielle Gray, trainer Credentials and Interests

Sweet Momentum Fitness trainer Danielle Gray

Danielle Gray has a BS in Exercise and Sport Science and is a Level 1 CrossFit coach. Danielle has experience training everyone from collegiate swimmers and teen athletes, to folks stepping foot in a fitness space for the first time.

Name a peak experience in your life. How did it impact you?

I grew up in the Midwest and often felt the tension of a mold I thought I had to fill, while simultaneously knowing it wasn't what I was meant to be. A small dream within the big ones was to someday live by the ocean and become a surfer (I may have obsessed over Blue Crush just a bit). After a year of living in Portland, I was able to take surfing lessons, caught some baby waves and loved it! It resembled to myself, the resiliency I possessed to fully step into the life that I have always wanted to build and learning that it's worth navigating the obstacles along the way to get there.

What's it like working out with you?

Intentional movement is a core value of mine and I devote time and metal energy to ensure that I make it a priority. Members of our community can expect an affirming environment that is encouraging and free of judgement. I like to recognize each client’s individualized growth and potential with positive reinforcing while ensuring that technique is never lost. As a trainer, I want to help break down any barriers that prohibit people from finding ways to move their bodies. Let’s find movements that work for your body. I’m excited to encourage you and see your accomplishments!

Danielle is currently taking on new private clients! To start working with Danielle, schedule a new client consultation.

Adriana Javier, trainer Credentials and Interests

Sweet Mo fitness trainer Adriana JavierAdriana Javier is an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer. She has an MA in Classics and developed her teaching methodology in the classroom teaching Latin, mythology, and art history. She takes an educative approach to training, teaching you both what to do and why it’s important. Adriana enjoys working with folks who are fat-identified, need trauma-informed care, are new to exercise, and are less comfortable in a traditional gym environment.

When is the environment you strive to create at Sweet Mo? What’s your training style?

I want to create an environment where everyone feels cared for enough to feel joy in moving their body, where no one is afraid to ask questions about how or why to do an exercise or to ask for something different that best serves their body that day or that moment.

Trainer Adriana Javier lifting weights – we practice what we preach!I approach training as an observer, a researcher, and a helper- I watch how you move, I ask you how it feels in your body and I help teach you how do move your body in the best ways for you and what your needs are.

Train with Adriana in our Small Group sessions on Tuesday and Thursday at 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. Schedule a new client consultation to get started.

Anna Antic, yoga instructor Credentials and Interests

Anna Antic is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) who has completedJoin us for Yoga for Every-Body!

  • 200-hour yoga instructor training
  • continuing education in trauma-informed methodology
  • Curvy Yoga certification (yoga for people with bigger bodies)

She has experience working with folks of all ages, people living with chronic illnesses, and people recovering from severe injuries and accidents.

What is the environment you strive to create at Sweet Mo? What’s your training style?

My expertise comes from being someone who, once upon a time, hated and misunderstood yoga. I didn’t see my working class, queer, punk self in the images of yoga I saw in the media, and I thought it had nothing to offer me. I was compelled (to put it mildly) to try yoga in the early days of my recovery and, despite all my best efforts to resist it, it became the backbone of my healing process.

In my classes, I always strive to create refuge for people – to provide a warm, welcoming place to be exactly who you are in the present moment. This includes the less-than-awesome moments, too. If you need a shoulder to lean on or ears to listen, I’m here for you. My training style is less a style than a guiding system. I share movement and alignment to keep bodies healthy and safe. But my true goal is to get out of the way of learning and help folks discover their innate intelligence.

Take yoga with Anna as part of our Small Group Training program on Wednesday at 8:00 a.m. She also offers personal yoga instruction.

To get started, please schedule a new client consultation (please mention yoga when you register for your consultation).


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