3 Must-do Back Exercises

A strong back will take you places, and allow you to age with the utmost grace and confidence. Before launching into some legit back-building strength-focused exercises, you gotta make sure that the right muscles are firing. Otherwise, your already strong parts will compensate for weak parts, which will only exacerbate existing imbalances. Oy!

Stay out of the injury zone! Before your next back-focused workout, try this new back warmup series that Beck and Paulie created for you. And then, beef up that beautiful back side so you can tackle all of life’s challenges. Don’t back down! (Ha! – get it? “Back” down…Hahahaha!) 🙂

Okay, check it out. Here’s the lineup of great back exercises:

  1. Scapular pullups x10
  2. Lat pulldown with resistance bands x10
  3. TRX mid row x10

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Luke Jude


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